About Vintage


Most of the items that we sell on our website are categorized as vintage. We do also however, sell other items that may not be vintage if we feel that our customers will appreciate the item. We will always document this in the items description. We do our best at estimating the era in which each product or item was produced.

Because most of the items that we sell have been used, there is a good chance that they will show displays of wear and minor flaws. Please be aware that we document each flaw and display of wear in our items descriptions list. We also maintain photographs of each item that we sell to document the condition of the item.

Sizes have changed over the years. Please visit the measurement page when determining whether an item will fit. Please remember that we do not grant returns on the basis that an item does fit. It is better to consult the measurements in the items description list when determining if the item will fit correctly rather than the marked size or estimated size. Please do not determine if the item will fit according to the images provided. The measurements are the safest and most reliable to determine how an item will fit. 

If you have any questions regarding our products please do not hesitate to contact us at info@wemovevintage.com. We would love to help!